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Climate Change ... & Its Effect On Today's World

Climate Change ... & Its Effect On Today's World

Did you know that the number of deaths due to climate change is increasing daily? Whether it's due to heatwaves, freezing temperatures, or storms and floods, the climate crisis is affecting everyone.

In the midst of all this, land and air pollution are rising rapidly. From poisonous gases released by burning fossil fuel and generating electricity to wastage by factories, all these factors are contributing to global warming to a great extent.

So, how does climate change work? And how can embracing virtual reality help? 

Climate Change

Climate change has had a significant impact on our world. From melting glaciers to scorching and humid temperatures, every region has been hit by the changing climate and its adverse impacts. Humans and the waste we produce have been significant contributors to the escalating climate crises.

Burning fossil fuels, including coal and gas, is why greenhouse gas emissions are so high. The gases then move to the atmosphere, forming a blanket around the Earth. This results in the Sun's heat getting trapped inside, which raises temperatures.

It further causes the glaciers to melt and increases the risk of floods and water shortage. In recent years, the number of devastating floods has significantly risen. It proves how climate change will eventually cause drastic effects on most countries, not just those countries which we have come to expect will encounter issues and have borne the brunt of the suffering.

Factors Contributing To Changing Climate

Now that we have discussed how climate change and global warming impact our world, let's talk about how that happens. What are the factors that contribute to climate crises? Although there are many reasons, here are some contributing factors:

Manufacturing Goods

Did you know that clothing and apparel businesses are one of the top contributors to climate change? The garment factories that release chemicals and waste each year have been a leading cause of why there's a dramatic increase in greenhouse gases emission. 

The apparel and footwear industry makes up 10% of global carbon emissions. This figure is too high considering that most clothes are replaced often. This not only adds to air pollution but is also a significant contributor to land pollution. 

Consuming too much

Yes, consuming more than required is a big reason the climate is a mess. Many countries produce a lot and consume more than is potentially required. This also adds to the climate crisis.

The Earth has limited natural resources, including coal, oil, and water. If the use of these non-renewable resources is not regulated, they will perish soon, and cause knock-on effects.

Power Generation

Domestic buildings and households use half of the world's electricity. Additionally, more and more people have been getting ACs and heating units in recent years. These tools require electricity and gas to run.

As a result, there are a lot of greenhouse gas emissions from houses and residential buildings. Energy is at the heart of climate change and greenhouse gases are released due to burning fuels and using electricity. 

Fight Climate Change

The apparel industry is a significant reason for greenhouse gas emissions. After the pandemic, many brands consciously decided to decrease their carbon footprint. As a result, virtual reality clothing and wearables have become increasingly popular.

Brands are starting to participate in online fashion shows and create virtual outfit options. As a result, digital fashion is slowly becoming an integral part of the fashion world. Here are a few contributors to the latest trend.

Crypto Fashion

Crypto took the world with a bang. Digital currency made trading and exchange of money easier. As a result, many people no longer depend on traditional currency and banking systems.

Crypto fashion is the new 'it' thing in the fashion world. Decentraland and Roblox wearables are now being sold and fashion NFTs are minted on the blockchain and use different forms of cryptocurrency. These assets are a key part of  the metaverse, where people can walk and talk to friends just like in the real world. 

Meta fashion is slowly becoming a vital part of people's lives and is poised to become a large part of the future fashion industry.

Metaverse Fashion

The metaverse removes all the physical constraints that exist in the world. It promotes inclusivity and provides many options for garment design in addition to addressing fit issues and being unique.

The metaverse also provides an option for every user to get any outfit for their avatars. They are free from physical and scalability constraints, so the designers can get creative and make it fun. So, metaverse fashion provides limitless options to companies and fashion brands.

Metaverse will soon become a digital space for every user to connect and communicate with others, so it's only natural that metaverse fashion is getting popular by the day. 

Digital Fashion

Digital fashion includes the use of online platforms and also serves as an alternative to physical clothing businesses. Digital fashion means that an outfit is created by keeping the physical and digital users in mind.

Like Snapchat filters, digital fashion brands are equipped with the technology to let customers view and wear clothes online. These kinds of technological advancements help reduce pollution and create sustainability. So, digital, metaverse, or crypto fashion, some of new-age technologies we see right now, can help curb climate change. 


The most significant benefits of digital fashion are that it's sustainable and long-lasting. In addition, it positively impacts the climate and conserves resources that would otherwise be wasted in making actual physical clothing items. 

This can eventually benefit the climate and give people a new and fresh perspective on sustainable fashion. If we decrease the consumption of new and trendy physical garments every season, our earth will thank us. This, in addition to recycling and up-cycling, can help us tackle our challenges and conserve our environment and resources for generations to come. So, it’s a win-win situation. 


The world is ours to keep, and with that comes the responsibility to conserve our resources. Climate issues will not stop getting worse if we don't become responsible and engage in sustainable living. And the metaverse and digital fashion is one part of the solution. Till next time!