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Decentraland Streetwear Wearables Collection

Decentraland Streetwear Wearables Collection

DECENTRALAND ETHER 004 DROP is our first drop of mix and match, urban wearables for the leading high-fashion metaverse, Decentraland.

We retain our streetwear aesthetic with a high fashion vibe and our signature graphic prints.

Each piece is designed to be coordinated with the other pieces to form mix and match sets perfect for expressing yourself in this dynamic and exhilarating world.

Each wearable is also a unique NFT which can also be traded on the secondary market.

This collection of Decentraland wearables is an exciting extension to our footprint in this metaverse.

Earlier this year we purchased LAND, on which constructed MERCURY DASHA 'BINARY CODE' BUILDING, which houses an installation space, NFT exhibition space and fashion show gallery.

Watch this space, as we grow our community in DCL and explore the intersection of fashion and other creative art forms, in this evolving space. 

Buy your DCL wearable outfit here.

ETHER 004 DROP FOR DECENTRALAND features 8 mix and match streetwear pieces with signature MERCURY DASHA prints.