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Future Of Fashion - How Does The Future Of Clothing Look?

Future Of Fashion - How Does The Future Of Clothing Look?

What will the fashion industry look like ten years from now? Trends change all the time but when we think about the future of fashion, we can’t deny the impact of the metaverse and it being something that may be more than a trend.

Since the internet arrived, fashion trends have been changing and adjusting to a more virtual society. From NFTs to wearables and virtual fashion items, Web3 trends are on the rise. The future of clothing is sustainable virtual and inclusive

What does virtual fashion mean, and how are brands changing their game? Keep reading to find out. 

Virtual Fashion

The future is virtual in general, and when it comes to fashion and wearables, the same applies. Metaverse fashion is distinct and has no boundaries, so the possibilities can be endless. Want to combine space and time? No worries. You can draw and create your fashion line with any element and material you want.

The future of clothing is full of fun. With the introduction of the metaverse, our world is now moving towards a more sustainable and better alternative to traditional fashion items. Every user now has the chance to create their avatars online and get wearables from different sites.

You can then even customise the items and buy them just like any other virtual asset. The best part? These virtual garments are the perfect fit and can provide a clearer view of their appearance in real life. Companies now use use state-of-the-art emulators to create a virtual set of samples and designs close to the real one to test and model patterns. 

As meta-fashion breaks traditional moulds, the garments are inclusive, creative, and sustainable. Moreover, virtual fashion can cater to every size and measurement much better than physical ones. So, the future of fashion combines the physical and virtual worlds and is a great way to grow and get creative. 


NFT stands for Non-fungible Token and has seen a meteoric rise in popularity.  Likewise, it won’t be wrong to say that NFT fashion will be a part of the future. The creation of fashion NFTs provides everyone an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent in the metaverse.

You can buy NFT fashion and art collectibles online or create your own. Regarding fashion NFTs, there are many different ways of using them - including digital garments, media content, and digital representations of physical fashion as well as fashion-art. That is why many big fashion names like LV, Gucci, and Prada are now moving to virtual fashion shows and NFT development.

After COVID hit the world, people were confined in their homes, and fashion stores, physical fashion shows, and launches were canceled. As a result, brands started using games like Roblox, Fortnight, and metaverses such as Decentraland to connect with their clients. With time, people started appreciating the potential of virtual fashion to create fun and personalised digital experiences.

Shoppers can do so much more now as they play video games while changing the characters’ avatars and visiting virtual dressing rooms . They also get size fit and size recommendations on their smartphones. As a result, the demand for virtual fashion in all forms is incredibly high.

Roblox Wearables

Roblox is an online gaming platform that brings thousands of users together. It’s like a virtual universe that allows users to create and share experiences with their friends and be anything they want. In addition, Roblox wearables are now available to the public. These include sets of fashion items for the players.

Every user can create avatars for their characters using wearables from various brands. It’s like a meta closet where users can buy virtual fashion items and wear them using photo-dressing technology. The future of fashion lies in gaming universes like Roblox, but the trend is not new.

Louis Vuitton created in-game outfits for the game called League of Legends. Later Balenciaga and Moncler did the same for Fortnite. In addition, Roblox has partnered with many companies, including Gucci and Dressx, to host events, make virtual costumes, and showcase runways.

It’s about time that 3D fashion garments become easily accessible to flaunt across various digital and social events, just as we see the physical ones. Therefore, Roblox has taken a great initiative to bring the virtual wearables to life. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite game and a fantastic outfit for your character. Does it get any better than this?

Decentraland Wearables

As the name suggests, wearables are garments and clothing or accessory pieces that you can use to customize your Decentraland avatar. Decentraland is a virtual world which allows users to create assets and sell them for money. 

Additionally, you can go through a list of default wearables that are free for every user. Though this gives people easy access, Decentraland also supports custom options you can create on your own. Your created product will be an NFT.

Regarding the list of wearables, there are many options to choose from, including hats, shoes, heads, helmets, facial hair, and dozens of other things. If a creator makes an NFT, they can categorize it as an item or a collection. A good collection aids in grouping items together before selling them. 

A platform like Decentraland has made virtual fashion very easy. Users can create and sell their NFTs without worry. So, the virtual world has provided everyone with a platform to be creative and make money.

This is precisely what the future of fashion looks like, creative, fun, sustainable, and accessible. You don’t need to follow the traditional fashion etiquettes anymore as the metaverse is open to all. 


The future is nearer than we imagine. With the metaverse becoming increasingly popular by the day, it’s about time that fashion practices adjust themselves to the changing scenario. 

Furthermore, with the introduction of NFTs in the online market, users can now select their fashion that is trendy and sustainable. So, the fashion future is very bright.