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Science X Spirituality

Science X Spirituality

Mercury Dasha explores a possible future where science, technology and spirituality meet.

What is Mercury Dasha?

Mercury Dasha is inspired by so many things ...Mercury is a planet which, in astrology represents business, communications and progress. Mercury is also the mythological diety which harkens back to our old stories and shared human culture. Mercury also references our fascination with space and is, of course, also the chemical element which speaks of science and progress.

Dasha means a new phase in Vedic Astrology and is named after the period in which the founder was in her life. It is also a Russian name and touches on the inspiration drawn from old and rich cultures, such as India and Russia, that now evolve into new cityscapes leading the world into a new urban future.

It Is Science And It Is Spirituality

In the new world that Mercury Dasha envisions, there will no be division between science and spirituality. We will live in a high-tech world in a way that is mindful and which also proves beneficial for our mental and emotional well‑being.

The glyph below is the symbol for Mercury in astrology but also the symbol for it in chemistry. It represents that we can bridge the gap between the two.

A New Age

In the new age envisioned by the brand concept, spirituality becomes ever more inclusive and will move beyond dogma to more personal and empowered expressions. We will come to define new belief systems and practices that connect us to something higher than ourselves.

No one knows how our faiths and beliefs will evolve ‑ perhaps we will once again start worshipping nature? Perhaps we will become more connected to superstition?

However, like all belief systems there is the possibility of darkness and misuse.

High Tech

Mercury Dasha also explores the growth of a high-tech super connected and intelligent urban world.

It explores and celebrates all the exciting developments we may expect, as well as all those issues which causes us upheaval and trepidation as our world moves at breakneck speed towards a completely new world.