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Exploring Signature Code

Exploring Signature Code

Go Behind Signature Code with this guide to some of the inspiration behind the collection.

System Failure

One of the inspirations behind the collection was the pervasive use of technology and how it affects us personally both positively and negatively.

And although technology has made our lives easier and more connected than ever before, it comes with its own challenges ‑ those of the invasion of privacy, the threat of cyber crime, online harassment and a future where our whole existence could be shut off with one power cut.

It is these uncomfortable realties that formed part of the inspiration behind this collection. While at the same time acknowledging the opportunities afforded and the excitement and progression as we step into this new hyper-connected world.

Exploring Identity

This collection also explored the nature of identity and the way it is exemplified by our own genetic signature ‑ our own code ‑ our DNA.

This collection explores that, on the one hand we are restricted by the matrix of technology, but on the other hand if we didn’t have these codes we wouldn’t be able to be ourselves at all.

Although technology and human consciousness appear to be at odds ‑ perhaps if we dig deeper and see codes and signatures as a way of expressing our unique identity, they may not be as opposed as we imagine.

Hack The Matrix

One of the inspirations behind the collection was the idea of the world being a matrix ‑ one that we can hack into to make work for us, rather than against us.

A world where we don’t have to exist within restrictive norms and standards but one in which we can be more free to be agents of our own destiny.

The idea of our reality being a matrix of codes explores that we can still make science and technology work for us, even though sometimes it appears larger than the individual and threatens our freedom.