What Is Future Fashion?

We describe MERCURY DASHA as future fashion.

We talk about 'creating future fashion' ... but what does that mean?

Well, in short, it means we want to be part of the conversation in creating the future of fashion, we want to look ahead ... 10 years, 20 years down the line ... not just continue to allow ourselves to be trapped in the fast fashion hamster-wheel of the present.

We want to explore questions like: What does fashion mean? How do we wear it?

And we don't want to stop there. we want to ask difficult questions like:

Why do we even need it? How do we embrace fashion creativity and the joy of fashion in a responsible way?

Our concept of future fashion, and as such our entire brand concept, is made up of these three distinct branches:

Bringing Back Design and Creativity

We conceived of a brand where socially conscious themes, as well as thought-provoking topical issues, were explored through art and design. 

In our mind, there should be no barrier to thinking of fashion as art and a medium of artistic expression and we want to bring fashion design back to a time where the designer was able to express his ideas and creativity through creating clothes that were art forms and not just throwaway items.

We want to go into a future where fashion is art, bringing back time for creativity through the slow fashion design process, and where the clothes we wear can be part of our innermost self-expression.

Whether we are protesting, and our clothing forms part of our activism for a better future, or whether it allows us to express confusion and pain, or expresses a whimsical and playful side, future fashion is primarily a medium of expressing identity and individuality.

Embracing Technology

We want to be a part of the digital fashion revolution, we want to explore what fashion looks like, not just in this reality but in virtual realty.

We want to explore how we can have even more fun with fashion in the future without creating exponentially more damage.

We want to fully embrace technologies that make it easier for people of every size and shape to find clothes they feel good in through improved solutions in terms of fit.

And we want to be enable ourselves to be able to be more creative and more agile by employing technology to shorten lead times and increasing choice in a way that is sustainable for the planet.

People and Planet

Future fashion, for us, is a future where we are able to enjoy ever increasing dimensions of fashion, and even embrace many of our alter egos in how we dress, while also being responsible in how much we produce.

We believe although there are many routes to sustainability, such as focusing on materials and environmentally friendly processes, the heart of the matter is the incessant over-production and attitude of throw-away over-consumption inherent in how the fashion industry is set up.

We have therefore made the heart of our philosophy to promote slow fashion in terms of our physical product offering and encouraging digital alternatives to buying physical products.

Slow fashion to us means creating made to order after testing where possible, ordering small batch inventory and limiting collection development to 4 small collections per year which are designed to be collected like art items, rather than consumed and discarded like traditional fashion. 

We also want to see a future where fashion is democratised and everyone can access luxury fashion (not just luxury buyers) and where people of different sizes and shapes can more easily access niche brands, like MERCURY DASHA, through our digital fashion and technological explorations.

Finally, we want future fashion to equate to a time where, by slowing down production, we will raise fashion to the artisanal craft it once was - with its craftspeople rewarded adequately.  

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