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The Journey So Far ...

Phase 0 [2021]

The Experiment Begins ...

Produced 1/1 NFTs that showed our backstage inspiration and creative process in new ways. Started to build a community of lovers of 'FASHIONART' - a concept we developed and which we defined as digital art + fashion. This was the start of us playing with and presenting fashion and art in innovative ways.

Phase 1 [2021/2022]

Thinking About Sustainable Physical Production ...

Partnered with on-demand local manufacturing partners to create 'slow-fashion' collections with technology x nature x science inspirations using sustainable methods, which could be manufactured on demand using modular systems. We explored fabrics, print processes, recycling options and waste management to ensure this side of our business was operationally scalable and sustainable.

Phase 2 [2022]

Digital ... And Then Virtual Reality, Games, Metaverses

Produced a variety of digital only collections to be tried on in AR and started thinking about how we could use technology to enhance our sustainability credentials, design process and customer experience. We took digital further when we entered virtual reality and games with fashion produced for Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial and Ready Player Me. We also started presenting in new ways with our creations shown on custom avatars, virtual models and virtual influencers, and in showcases such as Art Basel and Digital Fashion Week.

Phase 3 [2022-2023]

Phygitals And VR Retail Experiences

We produced our first integrated collection of 'Phygitals', which presented physical + digital twins tied together with NFTs, bringing together all of our previous experiments in physical, digital, metaverse and NFT fashion production. We started moving towards an 'All Worlds' concept of fashion, aligned through NFC and NFT technology, to allow for greater consumer utilities. We also launched a virtual retail space in Decentraland and entered Britverse neighbourhood in Sandbox with other world class British brands.

Phase 4 [2023-2024]

A Luxury All-Worlds Experience

The next part of our journey is to bring together everything we have been working on in ever more frictionless ways. We will continue to lead with technology and design to make shopping an All-Worlds experience that is immersive, sustainable, hyper-personalised and creative. This part of our roadmap takes us deep into future fashion and into a new era of urban luxury design.

Watch this space and stay updated as we make new announcements!