Sustainability, Diversity and Digital

MERCURY DASHA explores, through its collections, the challenges that loom large in this new world.

We are committed, as a primary driver, to using design as a vehicle to inspire and raise awareness about the complicated and multifaceted issues of our day.


Our clothes are made for anyone who wants to purchase them, of any race or gender identification, and we promote body positivity. Digital fashion helps us in our mission to be more size inclusive than ever before was possible in the history of fashion.


MERCURY DASHA provides an innovative answer to consuming physical products and leads with its digital fashion, metaverse fashion and NFT fashion and art collectibles.

We believe digital fashion and metaverse fashion is #futurefashion at its most sustainable, inclusive and creative and we are excited to be part of the movement. 


We promote, for our physical collections, a slow fashion approach that takes fashion away from seasons and the tendency to overproduce.

We make small conceptual collections that are made to be worn, loved and collected by customers who are interested in our design concepts and the issues we explore.

We manufacture in small batches or on a made to order basis so as to avoid waste.

We produce all of our physical items locally in London, so as to reduce carbon footprint, and support fair pay for those that manufacture our items.

We are always exploring fabric and currently use vegan leather, natural and biodegradable fabrics and are also exploring recycled and alternative materials.

In tandem with each new collection, MERCURY DASHA is committed to exploring new processes, materials and techniques that further the conversation about sustainability in fashion.